Lokomotiv win in Zielona Góra

Lokomotiv win in Zielona Góra

Redakcja, fot. basketzg.pl

Almost two thousands of fans came to CRS Arena to see Saturday’s game against Lokomotiv Kuban. Both first quarters were similar. At the beginning of each quarter Enea Zastal BC was a better team, in first quarter they were leading for most of the time. Unfortunately for the home team Lokomotiv had the power to change situation in both of those quarters. They won first by seven points (28:21) and second by eight (29:21). After first half Enea Zastal BC were losing by fifteen points, but their play looked better than the result.

Five points in a row after beginning of second half allowed Lokomotiv to get 20 points lead in the game. After two minutes of third quarter Branden Frazier scored first points for Enea Zastal BC this half. What happened later? CRS Arena was fire! Enea Zastal BC tried to cut lead, and fans were amazingly loud, what obviously helped Oliver Vidin’s players. One minute before third quarter end Zielona Góra were losing only by 7 points. In fourth quarter both teams were fighting, but Lokomotiv showed their power. They secured the win in Zielona Góra - they won 98:90.

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