Loss in Enea Derby

Loss in Enea Derby

Redakcja, fot. basketzg.pl
Loss in Enea Derby. Enea Abramczyk Astoria Bydgoszcz won 106:88.

After tough loss in a game against Avtodor Saratov, Enea Zastal BC wanted to make up with win in Enea Derby. Unfortunately they couldn't do it. In the beginning everything was looking alright, our team began the game with 7:0 run. Unfortunately home team tied the game quickly and the hard battle began. Dragan Apić had 3 fouls in first quarter already, but on the other hand Nemanja Nenadić was going for the record - after first ten minutes he had 7 assists. Even though through entire first quarter Enea Zastal BC was in the lead, everything has changed in second quarter - Enea Abramczyk Astoria was playing better and better. After 20 minutes of the game home team was leading 50:48.

If we talk about second half... we would want to forget it immediately. Home team were better with every minute played, every successful possession gave them more and more energy. Even though their lead in third quarter wasn't bigger than five points, fourth quarter was disaster of Oliver Vidin's crew. They had lost it 15:27, and whole game was lost with nearly twenty point difference - 88:106.

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