Enea Zastal BC crushed Legia

Enea Zastal BC crushed Legia

Redakcja, fot. basketzg.pl
After excellent second half Enea Zastal BC crushed Legia Warszawa and won 100:66.

Last game before Christmas began with beatiful ceremony of retiring Łukasz Koszarek (long time Enea Zastal BC captain) number. "55" was hanged under the roof of arena in Zielona Góra when he came to the city with his new team - Legia Warszawa.

Though we gave each other some love, there were no excuses during the game. Koszarek scored 17 points for Legia and was their leader since the first minute. In the first half Zielona Góra was leading for the most of the time, but every time they had a run and managed to increase the lead, Legia had power to come back and level the result.

After half time break everything has changed. Oliver Vidin's crew was different, they had much more power and consistency. We don't know what head coach of Enea Zastal BC had told our guys in the locker room, but it worked. Oh, how it worked! Second half was won by our team by... 31 points. Thirty one points in two quarters. 

Final result: 100:66.

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