CSKA wins in Zielona Góra

CSKA wins in Zielona Góra

Redakcja, fot. basketzg.pl
Enea Zastal BC with another loss in VTB United League. Zielona Góra team lost in a game against CSKA Moscow 59:93.

Even though the final result shows that difference between two teams was large, that was not the case in the first quarter. First minutes were tough for Enea Zastal BC, but since the half of the first quarter we could see a game that was full of fight from both sides. Dragan Apić scored 8 points just in first ten minutes, and Enea Zastal BC lost this part of the game only by four points.

Next three quarters were different story. CSKA showed why they are one of the top European teams, lead they had was growing with every minute played. During the game, when Enea Zastal BC was losing by over 30 points fans were chanting Konrad Szymański name in order to encourage head coach Oliver Vidin to give some minutes to the youngster. He did. Though result wasn't good for the team, this one event put the smile on Zielona Góra's fans faces.

Final result: 59:93.

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